Coffee with my eldest son


Lots of catching up to do, now that he has is own place. Our time together is now scheduled due to our busy lives. His passions these days are: Mary, law, low carb diet, healthy living, sports, family, his gas hog car he fixes up, & school.


Another Adventure to the Farmer’s Market

Today I rode my bike up to the Sunday Farmer Market at King School.


Lots of other’s had the same idea.


The weather was perfect and I bought salad greens, goat cheese, carrots & a small lemon lavendar ice cream sandwhich.

Mom & Dad

ma & PaThis is a Young picture of my Mom & Dad probually taken in the early 1980’s. Mom was about my age and Dad was in his 60’s being 11 years her senior. This was taken on their front steps at their home in Pleasant Hill California.

New Felt Owl Kit

I’ve been working on making a kit out of an owl I created and finally did it. It’s made out of 100% wool felt, stuffed with wool batting and embroidered with cotton thread. Now I’m working on pieces of the meadow floor for the Bee/Meadow project, which should be in the window at Gossamer on May 23rd along with a party with live music! DSC01619_1

New King Farmer’s Market on Sundays

Yummy sweet local carrots!

Yummy sweet local carrots!

Porter and I went to the new farmer’s market at N E 7th and Wygant street in PDX. We got there at 9:00am after I told Porter I was taking him to a secret location somewhere, but he guessed where darn it! The market opens at 10:00, so we wandered around, had some good cofee and watched it being set up. It was the first day and when the bell rang at 10:00, it was with lots of excitement. We came away with some yummy carrots, greens, spinach, goat cheese, and one crepe with local jam and chocolate truffle to share later. When we left at 10:30 the place was very full of people like us, glad to live near a new farmer’s market!

Cegan’s Birth Plum Tree


The plum tree is blooming, as well as the liliac, and wisteria.

It’s truely May.