The Green House

Green in Process

My husband Porter has taken on painting our house. It was 10 times harder than he thought it would be, but he’s getting close to finishing it! I choice the color , which I really love!


These are pictures of both sides of the house

Thats Porter up there in alcove.


The color goes with everything from berries to pumpkins!


Dyeing with Kool-aid


Time to try this dyeing method. I needed more orange & red wool batting for the store and decided to try to dye them myself.

The bad stuff about dyeing wool with kool-aid are:

1.The smell is too fake fruity and a bit nauseating. The whole house still smells like fake orange & cherry.

2.It’s hard to find a full range of colors. The two stores I went to only had lemonade, cherry, orange, and grape. I guess most people these days don’t want to drink lime, blueberry, or pineapple.

3. The lemonade doesn’t work to good as yellow and pineapple is not available.

The good things about dyeing with kool-aid:

1. It’s non-toxic and you can use regular cooking pans.

2. It makes a vivid acid dye for wool & silk.

3. You know when the dye has taken when the dye water turns fairly clear!         

Crafternoon with Mrs. Thom ♥

Glow in the dark embroidery thread

Mrs Thom stopped by the store today with a need to craft! Of course she just had to make a “glow in the dark” spider web! So we finished out the day embroidering.

Glow baby glow!

Had to make the spider glow too! Oh I forgot our sing-a-long with Doc Watson’s “South-bound”