Dyeing with Kool-aid


Time to try this dyeing method. I needed more orange & red wool batting for the store and decided to try to dye them myself.

The bad stuff about dyeing wool with kool-aid are:

1.The smell is too fake fruity and a bit nauseating. The whole house still smells like fake orange & cherry.

2.It’s hard to find a full range of colors. The two stores I went to only had lemonade, cherry, orange, and grape. I guess most people these days don’t want to drink lime, blueberry, or pineapple.

3. The lemonade doesn’t work to good as yellow and pineapple is not available.

The good things about dyeing with kool-aid:

1. It’s non-toxic and you can use regular cooking pans.

2. It makes a vivid acid dye for wool & silk.

3. You know when the dye has taken when the dye water turns fairly clear!         


Crafternoon with Mrs. Thom ♥

Glow in the dark embroidery thread

Mrs Thom stopped by the store today with a need to craft! Of course she just had to make a “glow in the dark” spider web! So we finished out the day embroidering.

Glow baby glow!

Had to make the spider glow too! Oh I forgot our sing-a-long with Doc Watson’s “South-bound”

Learning to Spin

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to have a private spinning lesson from long time spinner and teacher Barbara Andersen. It was lots of fun and work! I now need a spinning wheel to keep practicing what I learned.

She teaches lessons in her home. Contact me on facebook and I’ll put you in touch with her if you are interested!



Knit-a-long week 4

There is a lot more to knit in our mystery shawl this week! I dedicated Sunday to working on it and still have a ways to go! The next instillation is Sunday/Monday.

I had a happy surprise phone call from my dear friend Laura! She popped over and we visited and knitted on my front porch and time flew by! I enjoyed the batter of neighbors coming and going with the exception of one crazy traveler on foot, who walked by across the street screaming obscenities to two innocent neighbor children and anyone who told him to move on (me and my big mouth included)!

Knit-a-long Week Three

This week got more fun when my friend Pat and I decided to do our “homework” together! We hung out in her backyard and followed the instructions together. We both like how our colors are working out in this mysterious mystery shawl.

We chatted and visited with her chickens, who all appear to be on the same schedule of eating, sleeping, & playing.

Pat finished earlier than I due to my storytelling and her silent knitting!


Looking forward to week four!!!

Taking Part in Westknit’s “Mystery Shawl” Knit a long

Somehow the thought of creating a shawl step by step with over a thousand people really appealed to me! The colors ideas offered got my heart beating and I couldn’t wait for it to start.

I decided to pick shades of brown and just having seen the BBC production of”Tess” made me pick a peasant farm girl color feel, although I have no idea how Steven West will put it together. I splurged and bought MadelineTosh light superwash fingering weight yarn in three shades: Rosewood, Moccasin, & Trodden.

Next step is winding them up:

Winding the yarn on the umbrella swift

Making the balls

Ball winder

Ball Winder

Yay week two: Now to cast on and get started:

Homework completed for week two- still a mystery!

Impromptu Knitting Tea Party on the porch

Knitting a cotton baby ball
Porch reading material
Susan working on a dress for her granddaughter
A lovely day in the outdoor living room!

Impromptu tea party with knitting neighbor Susan. We sat in my porch/outdoor living-room. We knitted drank tea and talked about knitting, children, and solved major world problems.

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